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Half is Twice as Much

27 Feb

I have a Golden Half by Superheadz, which is a toy half-frame camera.

Half-frame cameras take pictures that are half the size of regular photos, so you end up with two photos on a single full-sized frame! That means you get two times the number of pictures that you would normally on a roll, ie. 48 pictures on a 24 exposure roll, or 72 pictures on a 36 exposure roll. Wow, less really is more! (Picture quality is lower though, hahaha.)

Oh, it seems the pictures have finished uploading, no need to stall you any longer! These are a few of my favorites. Enjoy!


Develop, Stop, Fix, Hypo Clear, Wash, Photo-Flo, and Hang to Dry

20 Feb

No, these aren’t dance moves. These are the steps that I took to develop my own roll of film!

I enrolled in a photography class with the hopes to learn more about photographic theory and to acquire some darkroom experience. Last week I learned some of the basics on how to operate the enlargers at my school (we have nine old Beselers and nine new[er] Omegas) and made some photograms, which I will put up in another post…

A couple weeks ago, I ran a roll of Kodak Plus-X through my trusty Canon AE-1, and last week in class I developed it myself! It’s quite an amazing experience, and I feel so much closer to my photos. The most difficult part was definitely loading the film onto the developing reel and then into the developing tank in complete darkness (the tank is light tight, so you can turn the light on after.) In the coming weeks I will get to make some 8×10 prints, and I’m very excited for that!

Enough rambling, here are a few of the photos from my self-developed roll.