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8 Jan

Sprockets are all those little holes on the edges of 35mm film. They look pretty neat right? What’s cool is that the emulsion actually reaches all the way to the edges of the film. Most 35mm cameras mask the sprockets off so that only the middle portion is exposed when you take a picture. However, if you load your 35mm film into a camera that doesn’t cover up the sprockets, such as a medium format camera, your pictures will reach all the way to the edges! This is what I did with my Holga 120N, which normally takes 120 film. I also have a Superheadz 35mm back for it, which makes it even easier to use 35mm film in the Holga 120N. The 35mm back is nifty, since it has a built in film advance indicator and a frame counter. No need to guess if you’ve advanced it enough! Here are some of my favorite shots.